When to retire from work

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When to retire from work


Let me introduce myself, I am a 31 years experience telecommunications technician.

I want to share my thoughts about work in general .

Let’s call it my working life and when to retire from work .

It started I was 26 years old (well, I had a job before that, I mean a decent job) waiting on a second child. Working at a job that would not bring me anywhere.


Yep, that was my job.

I was a video game repairman . (Remember Donkey Kong and MIss Pac-man) ?

Time for a change, secure my future, and face the stress and responsibilities of raising a family. Life , I Guess!

I took the leap of faith, apply and got hired at the biggest CableTv company in the province of Quebec, as “THE CABLE GUY”.

So everything was going pretty good for a couple of years and then I got into some little bumps, like everybody .

Single Again!

Start moving from city to city,province to province, working outside all the time, in harsh winter and all kinds of weather. That was all fine and dandy. Did that for like,15 years, until my early 40’s .

Met my wife of 16 years now, and started flying all over Canada for work, on turnarounds ( 3 weeks on,1 week home ) ,60+ Hours/week. USA and the Caribbean were added to the list. I was OK at first,being in my luggage, flying ..kind of COOL.

Got married in 2007, Starting to build a good relationship with that kind of job (more like a single person’s job), Challenging!


When to retire from work

Let’s get to the point!

It is OK at first, but gets on you after a while…I wanted something more stable. The other thing too, as you age, your body starts to entertain you with the oncoming fatigue and all the wear and tear from years of work.

I started to look around me and realized that life is short. As an example,seeing one of my friend going for a routine visit to the doctor, and found out that he got lung cancer and a tag with an expiration date of six months HE WAS 60 YEARS OLD !

All kind of people around me, not even making it to retirement. People that worked hard all their live, hoping for a few years left to enjoy the results of a lifetime planning for themselves.

I forgot the few that continue working because they do not have enough saving, no plans, or dont know what to do with their soul,now that they have all the time in the world.

Right now , I am unemployed from my last contract. I told myself that it would be a good time to quit, take care of my health, and update my retirement plan. (I am working on an earlier one too. I Can’t Wait ! )

Completely redirect my career to regenerate my brain cells around something new, and more challenging for the last few years If I need to!

I am in the Process of building my own online business and I love it ,I am addicted. It stimulates my creativity and my need to get some more knowledge. It is something completely different and useful for my near future. Officially, that is where the world is going. You know that?

When to retire from work


For us It will be Panama.

Grasping all the info we can to be ready when the retirement day comes!

In Panama, you can live very well on a lot less than many other countries. As a couple you could live comfortably in Panama on $1,995 a month. But you can spend as much or as little as you want to find your perfect comfortable lifestyle.

That is the way to do it ! Here in Canada or USA ..you need a lot of savings to have a decent life when you retire.


Have a plan !


A plan that includes both lifestyle issues and money issues. Too often the retirement plan focuses on the financial issues. Remember that retirement is about more than just money. You can have all the money in the world but if you don’t know how to spend it or have good people around you or you don’t have your health, How good is the money?


Remember the point of money is to buy you a life and that retirement is really about living the golden years.

You just have ONE body,ONE life… And it’s short !!

Retire as soon as you can, Enjoy Life !

I know you will say ” Easier said than done “ .

I know, Just focus and give it a good tought.


Here is a suggestion for a plan to retire Sooner

I am doing it By the Way

 When to retire from work


Hope you Enjoyed it !


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By Pierre

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