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What would be your best personal flashlight ?


The primary purpose of a flashlight is to provide you light in darkness. Whether it’s finding you the right key, looking for something under the car, sofa, or bed, hiking at night or an emergency light source during a power-outage, you will always need it to be handy at anytime.

But on top of that,fully operational! The worst thing is to get a set of “Greenish” dead batteries when you need it.

Most of all the electronics that we use today,on a daily basis, are auto personal flashlight

Everything is rechargeable, and if it’s not, you will go the extra mile to find the one device that have all the features you need and that it is in fact rechargeable .

We need POWER !

That is why I had to find a “Must”. Something, that I think, can take care of business,something portable,convenient , and also packed with useful features.

Everybody knows that I enjoy the desert. It is my sanctuary.

Probably not ! But now you do!

You also know that it is the last place you want to be stuck with no power and no communication.

Basically,what you need is :

-Some kind of Light Source: A Flashlight

-Something to communicate in case of emergency:A Cellphone

-Some sort of power source to recharge it : A Power bank

You never know when you can be stuck and in need of signaling someone for help.

I can go on and on, but the whole point is, we need something that is as multi-functional as it can be.

Specifications you want to look in a flashlight :

First I would define my personal need and usage. More features is always attracting but, do you want to pay extra for stuff that you will never use.

Light output:

Measured in lumens. This is a measure of the intensity of the light coming out of the flashlight, on the highest brightness setting powered by new batteries. It may also be shown for multiple light settings.

Beam distance:

Measured in meters. This is how far the light will shine before the brightness diminishes to the equivalent of the light from a full moon. Full moon illumination is considered adequate for safe and careful travel outdoors. This distance will vary with the brightness setting.

Operation Time:

Measured in hours. How long does it take the light output to drop to 10% of the rated output on new batteries, rounded to the nearest quarter-hour. Light output may gradually decrease over time, or remain largely constant and then suddenly decrease.

Size and Weight :

This is mostly personal preference. A larger, heavier unit is not necessarily brighter, but it is likely to feature an extended run time due to a greater battery capacity.

Battery Type:

The type and availability of replacement batteries is often a factor in selecting a flashlight.

Disposable:The most common battery sizes in use, AAA or AA, are readily available. CR123A is also a common choice, but is more expensive and can be harder to find. Their upside is a higher voltage output for a smaller size and weight, making possible a brighter flashlight in a smaller, lighter package.

Flashlights using D cell batteries are still available if you want a baton-sized tool for security or a light that will not get lost in a personal flashlight

Rechargeable: Built-in lithium-ion batteries can be recharged through a USB connection from a computer, AC or DC outlet or solar panel. The higher upfront cost is more than made up for by the low ongoing running cost, no need for disposable batteries and reduced waste.

Renewable: Flashlights with a built-in battery energized by a hand crank or solar panel are ideal for emergency kits.

Water Proof / Resistant : Are you going to do scuba diving with it or maybe use it in the rain once in a while .

We can be more specific and go more in depth but, I think with those basics, you will be able to make a good choice.

I want to review and introduce you to this model in particular .

I think it is quite a complete one.

The Renogy “E.LUMEN 500 Multi-functional Flashlight

A little something about Renogy.

Renogy is a renewable energy company that prides itself on supplying the best solar products on the market today. Renogy supplies solar products for homes, businesses, recreational vehicles, boating, and virtually any application you can think of.

Each Renogy product is manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Over the years, Renogy has received numerous awards and recognition, including a spot in Inc. 5000’s top 500 fastest growing private companies in 2016.


Here it is!

The E.LUMEN 500.

best personal flashlight
Click on Picture to enlarge


best personal flashlight
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Let’s talk about the features in detail:

  • There is 3 headlight intensity (High 500 Lumen, dim mode and strobe).
  • Side light(L.E.D) is very interesting, it can deliver a white solid or dim light for reading or any  other small application that do not require a lot of light.
  • Red light (L.E.D) that can go into fast or slow strobe for approximatively 15 hours.

The Solar panel recharge the battery (flashlight/power bank) when exposed to the sunlight. It is not a fast charge like the charge that you obtain with the microUSB port. But it will keep your battery alive on a short period of time and eventually recharge completely if not used.

The magnetic attachement is useful to hold on a metal surface like car or tool box.

My favorite feature is the USB A charging port, that can charge your cellphone probably twice, depending of your battery status (100%) .

The Bank/Flashlight can be  fully charge in approx 1.5h , using the input MicroUSB port.

There are 2 other features that are more useful in the glove box ,they can be lifesaver.

  • The glass shattering hammer
  • Seat belt cutter


The Beam Distance is 200M
There in no compass on the new version for sale.
Everything else is the same

Pros Cons
Portable / Light Compass removed on this model
Can recharge you phone No attachment for the port protector cap (chain or rubber band)
Good battery life No protection (cover etc.)for the solar panel
Water resistant Magnetic can be stronger
A must for outdoors / car Solar panel could have more charging power.



The Best Personal Flashlight is the one
that suits your needs for every eventuality!


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