What is the best vitamins for kids

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What is the best vitamins for kids ?

Starting on the right Foot!!


Children and teens have different nutritional needs from adults.

Ideally, kids should get their vitamins from a balanced, healthy diet.

What is the best vitamins for kids




Do your meals meet their needs?

They get their best start from what you put in your grocery cart.

Good nutrition starts by serving a wide variety of whole, fresh foods as much as possible. That’s far better than serving up fast food or convenience food — and hoping that taking a kids’ vitamin will undo any nutritional no-no’s. You’ll find the most vitamins and minerals in foods high in carbohydrates and proteins (rather than fats). By far, the most high-vitamin foods of all are fresh fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are designed to provide the nutrients that are not obtained in the foods they eat. Because the typical children’s diet doesn’t always match what they SHOULD eat, you can make up for the different vitamins they may not be getting enough of. Again, what is the best vitamins for kids?


You don’t want to fill your child up with chemicals, which isn’t necessary with all the children’s vitamins, many of them completely all natural and organic.


What is the best vitamins for kids


There are some differences of opinion whether all children need a vitamin and mineral supplement.

In today’s hectic world and with the huge influx of processed food and fast food choices, it’s not always easy to make sure your children have regular meals that are well-balanced. Because of this, pediatricians usually recommend taking a good children’s multivitamin. The following list contains some reasons that your child could be a good candidate to take a children’s vitamin and mineral supplement.


  • Children that have asthma or that have digestive issues of some kind. This is even more important if they are on medication for their conditions. If your child IS on medication, talk to the pediatrician first to ensure that you choose what they recommend.
  • Children that eat a lot of processed and convenience foods as well as fast foods.
  • Children that are on a vegetarian, vegan or dairy-free eating plan. They may need an iron or calcium supplement as well when on a restricted diet of some kind.
  • Children that drink a lot of soda. Soda is known to take the vitamins and minerals from a child’s body.
  • Picky eaters that don’t eat enough during the day



Depending on who it is, some state that a child should only have vitamin supplements if the pediatrician recommends it. Taking a vitamin supplement won’t hurt a child as long as it doesn’t give them more of the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances) of the vitamins and minerals. It is a good way to make up for any dietary deficiencies your child might have.


What is the best vitamins for kids


Question 2

What is the best vitamins for kids?



Vitamin A This vitamin promotes healthy and normal development and growth. It also facilitates bone and tissue repair as well as healthy eyes and skin and builds immunity responses as well.

Good sources include: milk, cheese, eggs, and yellow-to-orange vegetables like carrots, yams, and squash.



Vitamin Bs. — B2, B3, B6, and B12 aid metabolism, energy production, and healthy circulatory and nervous systems. Most kids usually get enough B12 in a regular diet, but vegetarian/vegan kids may not. Look for fortified foods that are high in B12. Check food labels for the content of cyanocobalamin, the active form of vitamin B12.

Good sources include: meat, chicken, fish, nuts, eggs, milk, cheese, beans, and soybeans.



Vitamin C This important vitamin helps with having healthy skin, muscles, keeps body tissues, such as gums, bones, and blood vessels in good shape. C is also key if you get a cut or wound because it helps you heal and helps your body resist infection.

Good sources include: citrus fruit, strawberries, kiwi, tomatoes, and green vegetables like broccoli.



Vitamin DD is important for healthy teeth and bone formation and assists with the absorption of calcium.

Good sources include : milk and fatty fish like salmon and mackerel. The best source of vitamin D is sunlight.



Vitamin E Everybody needs E. This hard-working vitamin protects your cells and tissues from damage. It is also important for the health of red blood cells.

Good Sources include: Whole grains, such as wheat and oats, wheat germ, leafy green vegetables, vegetable oils like sunflower, canola, and olive, egg yolks, nuts and seeds



Calcium – Calcium is still responsible for healthy teeth and bones as your child grows.

Good sources include: milk, cheese, yogurt, tofu, and calcium-fortified orange juice.


IronThis mineral builds muscle and is vital for the production of healthy red blood cells. It is easy for children to become deficient in iron so keep an eye on this.

Good sources include: beef and other red meats, turkey, pork, spinach, beans, and prunes.



Fiber isn’t a vitamin or mineral, but foods that are high in fiber also tend to be packed with many important nutrients, like vitamin E, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Foods high in fiber include berries, broccoli, avocados, and oatmeal. Another excellent source of fiber is almost any kind of bean, such as navy, pinto, red, or kidney beans, or chickpeas. Beans are also high in protein and nutrients like vitamin A and potassium, making them a great food for vegetarian and vegan families.

Although kids are much smaller than adults, their bodies also need just about as much fiber as grown-ups in order to maintain a healthy digestive system.




Five Useful Tips !


If you do give vitamins to your kids, follow these tips:

  1. Put vitamins away, well out of reach of children, so they don’t treat them like candy.
  2. Try not to battle over foods with your kids or use desserts as a bribe to “clean your plate.” Instead, give your child a chewable vitamin after the meal. Fat-soluble vitamins can only be absorbed with food.
  3. If your child is taking any medication, be sure to ask your child’s doctor about any drug interactions with certain vitamins or minerals. Then the supplement won’t boost or lower the medication dose.
  4. Try a chewable vitamin if your child won’t take a pill or liquid supplement.
  5. Consider waiting until a child reaches age 4 to start giving a multivitamin supplement, unless your child’s doctor suggests otherwise.


What is the best vitamins for kids

Keep those kids out there !

Safe and Healthy.



What Foods Give You Which Vitamins ?

What is the best vitamins for kids

What is the best vitamins for kids



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  2. These sticks are so tasty and such an easy way for our children to get much needed vitamins, heck even I start my day with one lol many things like this are packed full of unhealthy sugars and other fillers this is High Quality at its finest

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