Priority Health

Number 1 Priority HEALTH !

Priority Health

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Desertnlife.

The Name Says It All !

Me and my wife are desert lovers . We like to travel all over.

With all these uncertain times, it is a bit more difficult right now.

That Is Why we need to stay healthy , alert and in great shape!

My  Resume

Let’s get into a little bit of “US” .

We met in 2004 in Montreal,Quebec. Living the fast pace life of a big city , that means, getting up very early and hitting traffic everyday to work. We did it for a couple of years. At one point we moved to the maritimes. Don’t get me wrong it is a nice place to live, but winter is a little bit harsh .That is when i started to travel on rotation for work. Flying all over Canada and USA . 21 days  at work and 10 days home. It never stopped after that, and still ongoing in 2020.We ended up, in beautiful British Columbia . Being very close to the border ,we started travelling to the USA desert (Tri-States..AZ,CA,NV).We fell in love at first sight. The landscape ,mountains, dry heat,etc . At this point we started to make a bucket list of what our goals would be . That is why we decided to take our health in hands, for us to be able to continue our passion.

Sharing Is Caring

I want to share with you some tips and information about natural products that we discovered being very helpful and improving for our Health.

Me and my wife are in our late 50’s.

Health is number one priority !!!


I  will post as often as i can ,some articles that i hope are going to be helpful,

to keep you in a healthy lifestyle.


Pierre Breton


Hope you Enjoyed it !


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2 thoughts on “About Desertnlife”
  1. Hi Pierre
    I love what you have managed to achieve here. This is an incredibly great website, both in terms of appearance and content. I am very into health and lifestyle and find your articles very interesting. I`ll subscribe to your site for sure.
    I just love the design of your website!

    You have many informative and useful articles. I especially like the article about Your Health Grocery – Make Yourself A List Of Adaptogen Herbs And Mushrooms. I learned a lot from this article and will try out some of the suggestions from the list.

    I look forward to following you on your journey, and wish you the best of luck.
    Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks Cathrin..
      I work hard on is not perfect ….Wordpress is packed with all kinds of plugins etc…
      But it is always good to be validated..It keeps me going..


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