Cell phone solar charger

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Cell phone solar charger (Review)

In this article I want to prove a point that sometimes cheaper is too expensive.

Some people will probably recognize themselves. Don’t worry I did too, but I learned.

What I mean is, sometimes we are better paying a little more to get something that will last longer over something that will fail and lose its property with usage .

Is it really what you need?

Today it is going to about a device that is gaining popularity ,due to it’s convenience and portability ..

The cell phone solar charger.

Talking about cheap Chinese version vs a suggestion of mine that may be a more durable and useful version.

Cell phone solar charger



What you want from solar charger (Power Bank) is to be convenient ,usable
on the go, and be able to recharge it with the infinite power of the sun.

Like I mentioned, you can buy cheap. It will do the trick. But for how long .


For example the one I am talking about right now, is my 

Chinese version of it, that I bought a couple of years ago….

It is still working but every function or feature are running probably, at 40%..or not running. 

I am still using it . But I need to upgrade it for a

 better one that will last .

It is a device that i use regularly, that is why i decided to do a review on the phenomena.

I will give you my suggestion a little bit later. And probably my next buy.

But for now let’s have a look at the main player here.

Here is my Device.

There is a little of mileage on it …

Cell phone solar charger

Some specs:

Manufacturer  China
Output Port(s) 2x USB A
input port 1xMicro USB
Solar Panel Charging 120mA
Input DC / A 5V /2A
Output DC/A 5V/2A
Capacity 8000mAh
Average price  $25
Casing Sturdy (Plastic/ Rubber)
Flashlight Solid /Blinking/S.O.S. 

It has a green level indicator(solar charging).. that basically takes forever to go up to the 4th bar.

And a Blue one that indicate the Micro USB port Charging /Battery level when in use.

A power bank of 8000 mAh. (Not sure about that!).

When fully charged It can refuel 1 cell phone in a decent amount of time, 4 hours maybe.  (2 phone when it was new) . 1 Charge , It was faster too when I got it

There is 2 USB A, adapters.

1 micro USB For charging.

The solar side did it really work? . It takes forever for the bank to be full with sunlight, in fact I am asking myself now ,if it was ever charged !!

I just don’t bother anymore. i use it only with the charging feature and a wall adapter through the micro USB input.

I forgot !!! There is a flashlight that can blink and provide a S.O.S. code too.

Sturdy Case Losing battery charging capacities fast
Cheap price $$ The solar charging system is useless
Avalaible anywhere online Solar panel current output very low 
Works fine when charged /wall adapter You are getting what you paid for.
Good portable size 75% of the battery for 1 phone charge.

Everybody have their own perception of a cell phone solar charger and what is the right device for them..

But on a long run, I prefer to invest a little bit more.

You can find some similar model  online if it is really what you need and it is ok for you.

Let me give you a link on Amazon :

Affordable Solar Charger,Portable Power Bank

Here is suggestion and probably my next purchase!
Cell phone solar charger

Click here” for more info or interested to buy
Renogy E.POWER 24000mAh Portable Solar Charger

Power Capacity: 24000mAh Battery Chemistry: Lithium-ion
QC Mirco USB Input: 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A QC USB-A Output: 5-6.5V/3A, 6.5-9V/2A, 9-12V/1.5A
Solar Panel Input: 5V/300mA USB-A Output: 5V/2.4A
USB-C Input: 5V/3A USB-C Output: 5V/3A
Dimension: 7.12 x 3.53. x 1.26 inch / 18.1 x 8.97 x 3.2 cm Other Features: Built-in LED Light, Hook
Weight: 19.46 oz / 551.7 g Protection Rating: IP67


Crafted with a high-efficient solar panel, Renogy E.POWER 24000mAh Portable Solar Charger keeps your essential electronics full of juice when you are off the grid. The water-resistant exterior and built-in flashlight are designed to back you up anywhere you go.



Easy Recharging

  • Capture sunlight and store power for later use with the high-efficient solar panel.

Speedy Charging

  • Pump out up to 18W power for your device with Quick Charge technology.

Reliable as Always

  • Equipped with a multi-mode LED flashlight for nighttime and emergency.

Superior Durability

  • The IP67 construction with rugged frame protects the unit from unexpected splashes and dust.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

If you did,please comment below .
It is the tap on the shoulder that we need to continue on.

We tried to give you some helpful and informative advice,
so you can enjoy your outdoor experience to the Max .

Stay safe out there.

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By Pierre

2 thoughts on “Cell phone solar charger -Sometimes Cheaper is too expensive (Review)”
  1. Hi Pierre. I had no idea that solar-powered cell phone chargers exist! I live in Portugal which boasts around 360 days of sun each year. So Portugal would be an ideal market for solar-powered things… especially phone chargers. I will have to investigate what is available in Portugal. Thank you for your insight.

    1. Hi Richard,

      That is very interesting,i am surprised, like you said 360 days a year.
      That is a lot of sun.
      I am redirecting my niche towards all kind of solar gears and tips for the outdoors..
      Well I am glad, you learned something new today 😉 Ha Ha!

      Your Comment is really appreciated!

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      We are trying to update as frequently as we can..
      If you have any suggestions etc, send me an email: contact@desertandlife.com

      Have an awesome day!

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