Benefits of living in the desert

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Benefits of living in the desert

As we all know, the sun have many health properties.

The desert is a great source of sunlight energy!

But there is more benefits than just the sun itself. 

It is a peaceful ,rejuvenating place, and we love it!

First thing First !

Benefits of living in the desert

1. Dry Heat

The dry heat is present in many region in southern USA.

In this article i am reffering more from the  Tri-State region (California, Arizona, Nevada).It is our preffered one !

I have gout issues, so everything related to dry heat is so beneficial to me and my wife as she starts having arthritis issues too.

It may not cure you from arthritis but has a soothing effect that help ease the pain and cope with the condition.

As eventual retirees, The Desert Lifestyle is something that is in our radar.

Either a long 6 months relief at a time, or a small place of ours in Nevada, living off-grid .

Yeah I know…….. We really enjoy Vegas 😉

2. Vitamin D Galore!

Vitamin D and its many wonders are a major advantage of living in the desert

Sunlight triggers the body to make its own vitamin D.

Sun exposure is by far the best way to boost vitamin D levels, particularly because very few foods contain significant amounts of it .

Which is crucial not only for strong bones and healthy teeth, but for keeping the immune system in good shape too.

Rule #1

Remember, as much as we enjoy the sun. Daily exposure must be controlled.

Always use proper skin protection and drink a lot of water,if you do not want to end up with other kind of problems!!

The first sign of thirst means “Dehydration”. 

                                                Benefits of living in the desert

3. Active Lifestyle

I am hoping to get your attention on this one.
There is so much to do in the desert, it is so vast and majestic that people need to enjoy it at it’s fullest. It is a huge playground.


As we all know staying active is an important part of our health. The desert offers numerous outdoor activities for everyone from kids to seniors so you can keep your body healthy and mind sharp.

Activities such as:

Benefits of living in the desert

  • Camping
  • ATV Ride
  • Walking in the desert (Parks)
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Boating (Of course there are some lakes)
  • Ziplining
  • Biking
  • Just sitting by a fire (if permitted) with some friends or family
  • Rafting

And more…

4. Is it going to be nice tomorrow?

One of my favorite feature about the desert is “The Weather”.

A lot of desert cities can enjoy over 300 days of sun per year.

For me, the sun is healing and comforting for the body and mind.

Waking up to a bright and warm sunrise is a sign of an awesome day. It reduces depression and anxiety.

It Makes me HAPPY!

Put it this way!

Living in the desert means that the sun will always be there to brighten your day !

5. A breath of fresh air.

At one point, I moved in Coachella Valley (for 2 years).The first thing I noticed about the dry heat is, you don’t sweat at higher temperature because of the humidity level.

For me at 75F, my T-Shirt would be soaked in minutes.
The humidity level is around 73% here in July

In Coachella in July at 100F the humidity is around 32%
The sweat factor is not the same, I must admit it’s hot, but I love it!

Benefits of living in the desert

Living in the desert can help people who have breathing problems because of the low humidity and pollution levels.

For example, if you’re dealing with asthma, then cold weather, pollution and/or high humidity levels may irritate your respiratory system. Very humid air is also heavy, which may make it harder to breathe.

6. I got some moves!

A combination of the heat and sun can help loosen your muscles and joints, helping in your movement and decreasing pain levels.

One thing I can say for sure, and I experienced it. Your mobility is improved 100%.

All the aches and pain from the cold and humid Canadian weather are long gone after a couple of days in the desert.

7. Less Stress

The Clean Air and warm breeze when you sit on a rock in the middle of the mountains on a hiking afternoon. The quietness, the smell etc.


Even if your are living in the desert cities, there is something about it that absolutely keep you down a notch.

You literally slow down from the fast pace of the big cities (people,traffic,
going to work etc.)

A slower, more peaceful life is what many seeks during retirement.

The desert lifestyle is typically less busy, hectic and chaotic. Combined with the wide-open country vista views and desert sunsets, desert life is a very relaxing and enjoyable place to be.
Benefits of living in the desert

8. Picture Please!

Are you into photography?

It Is a paradise for photographers. Think about all the Landmarks, wildlife,mountain views, etc.

Grand Canyon, Sedona (Red Mountains),Joshua Tree National Park, Las Vegas, and many more.


The desert is calling You.

Literally sink yourself into that comfort zone,that makes you feel great, relaxed and energized.

Healthwise, moneywise. With all the possibilities that we have nowadays, being outdoor and living off-grid is,from my point of view, the best scenario for retirement, everyday life or simply have a good time and connect with the outdoors.

By Off-grid i mean ,the sunlight is the only power bill that you will have to pay..

Have a peek at one of my other article,

Solar For Camping – Desert Off-Grid Solution !

You will have a good idea on the subject ,and what can be done .

The most valuable of all the benefits of living in the desert I hope people realize, is the sun.

An infinite source of FREE power.

Clean, Quiet,and Energizing!

I can tell you this. There are some places that i visited. That are beautiful.
I saw it, lived it . CHECK, DONE..

But i will probably never visit again.

And other places ,like the desert (for myself),that are embedded in me .
I feel like home. I go every year ,sometimes twice a year. (Not Now of Course),and try to visit a different part of it . I discover something new an unexpected every time…

Being in the desert is the most peaceful place I know.

It’s an amazing wide open space for a great lifestyle!

The GoSun Go, Using just the Sun.
Ultralight solar cooker that can bake,roast, steam, and boil anywhere.


Benefits of living in the desert

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, please leave a comment below .

It is the tap on the shoulder that we need to continue on.

We tried to give you some helpful and informative advice,

so you can enjoy your outdoor experience with all your

family and friend .

Stay safe out there.

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By Pierre

10 thoughts on “Benefits of living in the desert – Amazing Lifestyle”
  1. It’s wonderful content her won your site alone has given me so much to thankful for and I am really happy to be here seeing some really nice information. However, this really show how much you are willing to help us all. There are so manybthinsgto be explored on the earth and living in the desert is really cool. I really hope that people give it a try 

    1. Hi Sean,

      That is the beauty of it , the desert is a magnificient place to live in.
      Grand Canyon, the mountains ,lakes etc… So many things to enjoy on a daily basis.
      It is kind of incredible ,but there is a lot of people that don’t know about it .

      I hope the tendency will change with time.

      Thank you for your comment !

      Come back anytime :
      We are trying to update as frequently as we can..
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      Have an awesome day!

  2. I’m very delighted to have this article, you have done a great job by putting it together, it is understandable and comprehensive. To everything, there can be a good side and also a bad side, I don’t know living in the desert could have that much benefit. I’ll share this article to some of my friends and it’s gonna be helpful to them.

    1. Hi,
      I am happy to see that it will be possibly helpful to your friends.
      I am passionate about it,that is why i am sharing.

      I can’t wait to go back. It’s my peaceful haven.
      But like you said, there can be a bad side ,i guess . Every person is different.
      What is good for one is not necessarily good for another one…

      For me it is a perfect fit…

      Your comment is really appreciated.

      Come back anytime :
      We are trying to update as frequently as we can..
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  3. Thanks alot for sharing this beautiful piece of very happy I came across this and it’s really a great opportunity to have read through this very intriguing article on benefits of living in the desert. I really enjoyed reading through this thoroughly and I never could imagine that there are these benefits.

    1. You are welcome,

      As an older person myself looking into retirement, the desert is the ideal place . Looking towards living Off-Grid is amazing.
      The landscape , nature ,etc… and of course all the healthy benefits.
      My wife and I are passionate about it.. I guess you can tell..

      Thank you for your interest..

      Come back anytime :
      We are trying to update as frequently as we can..
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      Have an awesome day!

  4. The first time I heard about this I was shocked! But after research and experiments, Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of desert living and still get your fix of snow and skiing when you need it at nearby distance! Low Maintenance, Scenic Properties . Not a green thumb? Desert living is for you then. Anyone can take care of a lawn in the desert.

    1. Yes , you are right . Best of both World . I was living near Palm Springs in Coachella valley .. we were able to go up the mountain in the Aerial Tramway and hit some snow in the hiking trail up there and come back to the desert weather the same day.
      And NO, i do not have a green thumb… Maybe for Cactuses 😉
      I Just love the desert.

      Thank You ,for your comment.

      Come back anytime :
      We are trying to update as frequently as we can..
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  5. I love the article. When reading this I just want to visit the desert myself.
    All the health benefits, the temperature, and the spectacular places to immortalize in photography…. I’ll have to pay desert a visit as soon as possible.
    I think you hav put together an informative and interesting article – I really enjoyed it, and I’ll visit your site again for sure.
    Love the images too 🙂

    Thank you for sharing such great information.


    1. Hi Cathy,

      Well I am glad i was able to put another item on your bucket list…
      It is such a rejuvenating place , i can’t wait to go back…

      Your Comment is really Appreciated. 🙂

      Come back anytime :
      We are trying to update as frequently as we can..
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      Thank you very much!

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